Liam Neeson’s agent has denied reports that he was inebriated on Ireland’s most popular Friday night talk show ‘The Late Late Show' last weekend.

The Northern Ireland actor appeared to slur some words and made some strange comments including revealing that Bono was the surprise super guest on the show. His mother and sister were in the audience.

His agent Alan Nierob has strongly denied the allegations that raced around Twitter and other social media after the show.

Alan Nierob told The Irish Mirror “It is obvious to anyone who actually saw the interview he was not intoxicated.

“I saw the interview and I thought it was terrific.”

During the interview Neeson said he had gotten a ’snivelling’ letter from Prime Minister Enda Kenny asking him to be part of “The Gathering” to encourage people to come to Ireland in 2013.

He also stated that Bono the ‘surprise’ guest of the show, was actually backstage, said Ireland’s current situation was “embarrassing” and ended the interview by saying to to host Ryan Tubridy: ‘Thanks Brian’.

However Nierob said it was a great interview: “He had arrived from the US, did a couple of hours of press for War of the Worlds and then did a meeting with Unicef before the Late Late Show taping".

"Frankly he gave a great interview I thought.”

After the show Neeson immediately became a talking point on Twitter, with  tweets named ‘Schindler’s Pissed’ and ‘Taken 2 Many’ being retweeted.

The show, which was a 50th anniversary special, was the most watched TV show on RTE so far this year, with an average of one million viewers.

Liam Neeson celebrates turning 60-years-old today. He tragically lost his wife Natasha Richardson in a skiing accident in March 2009. His has enjoyed phenomenal success at the box office with huge action movie hits such as ‘Taken.’

Watch a video of the Late Late interview below:

Liam Neeson at the "Late Late Show" last FridayRTE