The Irish name Liam was the most popular boys name in the U.S in 2018, topping the list for two years in a row. The name means strong-willed warrior and protector.

Famous Liams include One Direction member Liam Payne, famed actor Liam Neeson, Mister Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth and Oasis rock star Liam Gallagher.

The Social Security Administration recently released its list of the most popular baby names for the year, revealing that Emma remains the favorite girls name in the country for the fifth year in a row. Olivia is the second most popular name, followed by Ava, Isabella, and Sophia.

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While Liam ranks as number one in the boys category, Noah follows close behind, then William, James, and Oliver.

Here are the top 10 lists for both categories:


1. Liam

2. Noah

3. William

4. James

5. Oliver

6. Benjamin

7. Elijah

8. Lucas

9. Mason

10. Logan

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1. Emma

2. Olivia

3. Ava

4. Isabella

5. Sophia

6. Charlotte

7. Mia

8. Amelia

9. Harper

10. Evelyn

You can find rankings for all names here.