Lewd behavior and drunkenness may put an end to the yearly St Patrick’s Day party held on South Carolina’s Sullivans Island.

WBTW reports that the celebration, which began at Duneleavy’s Pub more than 20 years ago, had grown so large that the town began to shut down Middle Street to accommodate the party.

But after last year’s event, in which four people were arrested for disorderly conduct and multiple medical calls were made for people who had too much to drink, the Sullivans Island Public Safety Committee is recommending canceling the celebration.

Sullivans Island Mayor Pro-Tem Jerry Kaynard says, "We've had problems with public drunkenness and lewd behavior on the streets and in public last year and so because we are a residential island, we don't want to invite those kinds of people to come to the island to be publicly drunk."

Local business owners want the party to continue.

Operations Partner at Hometown BBQ, Sean Daniher, says, "It's our best day of the year and we kind of did mathematical – some stuff and it's one week's sales we can actually capture in that one day."

When WCBD-TV asked the mayor if he is worried about the loss of revenue for local businesses, he said, "No, I'm not concerned about that. Our role and our job on town council is to provide for the public safety, to enforce the laws that apply and when we have guests on the island to provide a safe environment for them."

Local residents described last year’s event as a “circus.”

The town council will make a decision about the celebration – which would be held the weekend before St Patrick’s Day – this week.