Ireland’s only Leprechaun Whisperer wishes to come to the rescue of a foreign princess to give her the burial he feels she truly deserves.

Kevin Woods from Co. Louth is the only known person who claims to be a Leprechaun Whisperer in Ireland, experiencing his first leprechaun sighting several years ago and giving guided tours of their habitat in the Cooley Mountains in Louth ever since.

Tasked with inspiring belief in the little green men native to Ireland, Woods fought to have a European protected status put in place over them and has established a special Leprechaun cavern where tourists can view trinkets and clothing he’s acquired from the Leprechauns over the years.

He has now set his sights on helping the subject on another local myth, however, by relocated the burial site of Cauthleen, a Spanish princess tricked into moving to Ireland, who died on the spot on discovering how she had been fooled.

As legend tells it, the seven-foot princess was wooed by a local Irish chief Lorcan O’Hanlon and left her homeland to reside with him in the mountains. On arriving at O’Hanlon's land, poor Cauthleen was left so disappointed by the hollow of land she instantly died of sorrow and was buried on the same spot, now known as the Long Woman’s grave.

“He deceived her and brought her to a hollow – it was all he owned – where she could see nothing except the sides of a few hills,” Woods told the Irish Mirror.

“The unfortunate woman dropped dead on the spot shocked by his deception.

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The Long Woman's Grave/Uaigh na Mná Móire, Omeath - Love, deceit & death

— (@duchas_ie) June 30, 2016

"She was buried later by the locals. Each one laid a stone on the grave to raise her burial cairn and here she sleeps today in the hollow of her disappointment and unfilled promises.

“It was a horrible thing to do and it needs to be put right. No one deserves an end like that.

“I intend to write to the Spanish Minister of Foreign Minister Affairs Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo of the People’s Party to secure support and to Charlie Flanagan our own Foreign Affairs Minister.

“My hope is when she is exhumed she can be placed in a grave that I have prepared for her, one that will always and ever be reverently tended to and which has magnificent views of Carlingford Lough and the Mourne Mountains worthy of a Spanish noblewoman.”

With his popular Leprechaun cavern already in place, Woods plans to bring Cauthleen to a location close by, one overlooking Carlingford Lough and offering a few of land she would have expected on first traveling to Ireland.

Not everyone is impressed by the proposal, however, and with no current evidence to say who is buried in the Long Woman’s Grave, if anybody is buried there before, there are local fears that to dig the princess up from this spot could destroy a well-loved, local myth. There are also concerns that to relocate the princess would break the bond create between the location and this woman.

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