Negotiations are expected to conclude between the Fine Gael and Labor parties over the formation of the next Irish government.

Fine Gael party leader Enda Kenny and Labor Party leader Eamon Gilmore will meet on Saturday to finalize the agreed document on the formation of the new Irish government.

Both men have been in Europe while their negotiation teams have been working long hours to try and hammer out an agreement.

Labor have to put any agreement before a conference of their delegates, which is set for Sunday.

Fine Gael’s parliamentary party will meet at the same time if an agreement is reached.

The biggest gap between both sides was the issue of who will be minister for finance, a key role.

The Irish Independent reported on Saturday that Fine Gael had secured the position but that Labor would be in charge of a new ministry of  reform in the public service.

Fine Gael were adamant that Michael Noonan, the star of the party’s election campaign, be the person appointed. Labor, however, were insisting that their party nominee hold the appointment. The deal it seems has now been agreed.

The Dail (Irish Parliament) is set to meet on March 9, on which date the new prime minister will be elected. That now seems certain to be Kenny.

Soon after his elevation, Kenny is expected to fly to the U.S. for the St. Patrick’s period, spending time in New York and Washington. He will be guest of honor at a St. Patrick’s reception hosted at the White House on March 17.