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The deities Krishna and Buddha will feature in this year's Galway St. Patrick's Day parade.

The Galway theater group the Blue Teapot Theater Company will tell the tale of how the two eastern gods made a historic visit to the west of Ireland in the company of a "fiery dragon."

According to their tale the dragon was a gift for St. Patrick. The gods gave it to him to help him hunt down the snakes in Ireland.

“The Irish Times” reports that "From the East to the West" was conceived by Rod Goodall, who has previously directed Macnas for the Galway Arts Festival. He has also been involved in U2's Zooropa tour. The Blue Teapot Theater Company is a professional theater company for people with learning disabilities.

This year Galway’s St. Patrick's Day Parade has taken the theme of "World of Wonder.”

Visit our special St. Patrick's Day section here

Buddha and Krishna will feature in Galway's St. Patrick's Day parade