A Kildare family are cursing their luck and laying claim to the title of Ireland’s unluckiest clan.

The Parkes from Mornington have been involved in a series of unfortunate events over the past three weeks. All the members of the family have been involved in accidents and/or hospitalised in recent weeks.

Dad David set the pace when he broke his leg after falling down the stairs with one-year-old-baby Jake in his arms. Then mum Samantha broke her toe – as she answered the door to the ambulance. Just to cap it all off, the three children were then hospitalised after contracting the winter vomiting bug.


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David explained to the Irish Independent: “It’s been one disaster after another. First, I fell down the stairs while holding my one-year-old baby, Jake, dislocating my foot and breaking both my ankles and my leg. When the ambulance arrived, my wife, Samantha, tripped on the duvet and broke her toe and severed a nail.

“And when my wife was in hospital having an operation on her foot, my son Jake contracted a very severe chest infection and was admitted to hospital. So the three of us were lying up in bed at the same time in hospital.

“It went from bad to worse when my other two children, Shane (5) and Shona (2), caught the vomiting bug. It really is incredible how this all happened in 21 days.”

Like all Irish families, the Parkes are now worried about meeting the bills after their TV, toaster and kettle broke down as well.

“I’m on crutches at the moment and stuck in the house 24/7. We asked for a three month reprieve on the mortgage but the banks wouldn’t have it,” said David.

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