A Co Kerry man claims that his statue of the Virgin Mary has been moving and changing color and has the power to heal.

Tom Powers, 73, whose statue is located in his “Healing Surgery” in Tralee, has said many people that he has “healed” have seen the Virgin Mary figure making various movements.

"People have seen tears coming from the eyes. Others have seen changes in the colour of the face,” he told the Irish Mirror.

"There's been movement in the head, the arms, even the eyes.

"One woman came out crying her eyes out after she saw a tear in the eye of the statue."

He said the Virgin Mary's face frequently changes color.

"It can be pink one minute, then a lighter pink, then even lighter again after that.

"Even today, one woman said the lips of the statue had changed color to a bright red.

"It's got wrinkles in the forehead and a crease in the neck that has appeared all of a sudden.

"She even has veins in her neck that have been bulging. Some people have spotted a pulse in it."

Powers said people have come from around the globe with ailments like tumors, heart problems and deafness and the statue heals them.

"Things happen here every week that you could call miracles,” he said.

"But of course it's not about me. It's all to do with the statue.

"She wants to show herself to her people."

Powers became a minor celebrity in the UK in the 1980s with stories of his miracle cures.

He claims that while living in London in 1982, he was praying in his kitchen when a great white light approached him. He says the next thing he knew, he had woken up in his dining room completely blind.

Powers said he heard God talking to him and claims he has been able to communicate with God ever since and has even predicted events, such as 9/11.

"It's a God given gift that was given to me after I had a miracle happen to me in 1982,” he says.

Powers is the owner of the website thinkgod.ie and, according to his Twitter account @IhearGodsvoice, he is "a world renowned healer, medium & psychic."