The creators of the Kardashian empire – sex-tape star Kim and her mother Kris Jenner – weren’t too impressed with meeting the wives of the founders of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in Cannes, France on Wednesday, and brushed them aside with a quick “how fun” in response to hearing about how their stricken husbands created the viral challenge that raised more than $220 million for ALS research last summer.

Jenn Quinn, wife of Yonkers native Pat Quinn, and Julie Frates, wife of Boston’s Pat Frates, met the Kardashian women in the Celine store in Cannes on Wednesday. Jenn and Julie were the only ones in the store when Kris and Kim breezed in.

“We introduce ourselves and talk about our inspiring husbands. Kris responded with, ‘Oh fun’ and DECLINED taking a picture with us!” Jenn posted on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

“We even explained that our husbands have ALS and nothing. We just wanted a picture. We were in shock by the lack of caring and engagement.”

Jenn later told IrishCentral, “We just wanted to talk to Kim! We actually even told her mom that us as wives were so happy to see Kim participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Pat Quinn was inducted into the Irish America magazine Hall of Fame in March with Hillary Clinton, who was thrilled to meet him, pose for photos and hear about his inspiring story in person.

The Quinns and Julie Frates are in Cannes for the annual Cannes Lions festival, which attracts celebrities and innovators from around the world. The Ice Bucket Challenge was nominated for 13 Cannes Lions awards and won seven of them.

Kardashian is one of the dozens of speakers at the week-long event, listed as an “entrepreneur” – with a mother in tow who thinks the wives of two young men with incurable ALS are having “fun.”

Living with ALS. A real barrel of laughs.