Police in Queens continue to search for Peter Rodriguez, the suspected driver in the hit-and-run accident that killed 37-year-old Maspeth bar owner George Gibbons. Over one hundred supporters gathered this weekend to give their support to the Gibbons family and their “Justice for George” campaign.

Speaking to CBS news Bernadette Gibbon’s, George’s youngest sister said “You have this anger towards somebody that is a coward…To continue running I think is foolish because he will be found. You see the amount of support we have.”

His father George Gibbons Sr, from Cong, County Mayo, said “I just can’t believe it, it’s like a dream everyday that he’s not going to come in to the house. The holidays are coming up. I just can’t believe it.”



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On October 15th, at 6.45am George closed his Maspeth bar, Gibbon’s Home. He took a livery cab home but just a few blocks away from his newly opened bar the car was struck by Rodriguez’s vehicle on a service road of the Long Island Expressway.

Rodriguez fled the scene. George Gibbons was announced dead on arrival.

Referring to the hundreds of Queen’s residents who turned out to support their campaign Bernadette said “he looked out for everyone, and that’s why you can see the immense amount of support we’re receiving in response to this because people are now returning the favor and looking out for him and trying to get this guy.”

“Everything was really looking up for him, he was in a really happy place.”

Council Member Elizabeth Crowley attended the event to lend her support to their campaign. She said “We must come together, not only as a community, but as a city, to find this fugitive, to bring him to justice and to give a little bit of peace to the Gibbons family.”

“It’s clear how much support the Gibbons family has. Our community has been hurt so much by the loss of somebody’s who contributed so much to Maspeth,” the Queen Courier reported.

“We’ll all stay ever-vigilant until we find Peter Rodriguez…And Peter we’re going to find you. You might as well come and turn yourself in and finally do the right thing for once.”

Bernadette called on the people of New York City to help in their campaign.

She said “We not only want your help, we need your help…I don’t even have words to express the gratitude I have towards our friends and family in the community. We’re just so grateful. We expect nothing less for George.”

Family and friends have put $10,000 forward as a reward for information that leads to the arrest of Rodriguez. Also thousands of flyers with the suspects face have been plastered around the area.