Hold the obituaries on the death of the Kenendy dynasty.

Joseph P. Kennedy III has been dubbed the “new Kennedy” after bursting onto the Bay State’s political scene yesterday.  On the 50th anniversary of his great-uncle President John F. Kennedy’s “City on a Hill” speech Joe asked for an end to political vitriol.

Joe said the rebroadcast of JFK’s speech was “extremely moving for me and my family. He said the message in the speech is still relevant, to look “at the good in all of us”. He referred specifically to Congresswoman Giffords’ shooting.

“Ladies and gentlemen, something happened last weekend. It is time for a change. For too long, the rhetoric from Washington has been toxic,” the soft-spoken 30-year old said referring to the murder of six people an Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who is recovering from a bullet to the head. Twenty-two year Jared Loughner is being held for the Arizona shootings.

He continued “This rhetoric creates an atmosphere of hate in particularly difficult times”  championing JFK’s message of “service and sacrifice, courage and judgment, integrity and dedication.

“These are the ideals that ought to endure, rather than partisan rancor, naked self-interest, and other corrosive effects of promoting social divisions — a kind of moral gerrymandering that saps our spirit and collective will.”

Kennedy, known as “Joe Joe” to his friends and family, gave a 10 minute speech in the State House and received a standing ovation from the crowd.

Senate President Therese Murray (D-Plymouth) We have a new Kennedy…He hit that one right out of the ballpark. It was really great and he talked about what’s going on today and the partisanship on both sides, which I think is important to talk about. Another historic speech from another Kennedy.”

Now the question that is being raised is whether Joe will pick up the family mantle as Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy, the last elected official of the Kennedy family retires.

Patrick Kennedy seems to see it as a possibility he said “He has got it all…He was in the top of his class, he was in the Peace Corps. He’s got great political instincts and a great way with people. On top of that he’s got the brains. There’s no stopping Joe.”

Joe is currently working as an assistant to the district attorney in Barnstable County, MA. So far he has dismissed speculation that he will run for a political office.

Speaking to the Boston Globe he said “I’ve got a great job that I love ... It’s a job that I really enjoy and at the moment that’s what I’m focused on.”

However a Kennedy family friend, Phil Johnston, said that Joe had considered running when U.S. Rep. William Delahunt retired. He also insists that the Kennedy’s are hooked on public service.

He said “I think he’s interested in public service…I hope he will run at some point.”


Joseph P. Kennedy III