The new and first-ever directly elected Mayor of Limerick, John Moran was inaugurated today, Friday, June 21 during a ceremony at St. Mary's Cathedral.

Dressed in ceremonial robes and led by a piper into Limerick’s oldest building, the new Mayor was vested with the Mayoral Chain of Office by the outgoing Mayor of Limerick City and County, Gerald Mitchell.

It follows the history-making election of a Mayor of Limerick with executive powers on June 7.

📣A New Energy: Mayor of Limerick, John Moran Vested with Chains of Office at Historic Ceremony

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— Limerick Council - Comhairle Luimnigh (@LimerickCouncil) June 21, 2024

On Friday, the new Mayor of Limerick spoke of a “new energy and a new confidence in the air” since the election.

He said: “On June 7, in ways that pleased me so much personally, Limerick not only voted for change, it also united as one Limerick.

"With a resounding message to a world which is too often drawn to division, Limerick declared it sees its own strength in its diversity.

"Let those who try to sow division in our society hear that message clearly. Limerick voted for a vision of one Limerick and a Limerick which will include everyone, rural and urban as well as new and old communities right across the entire county.”

At the inauguration ceremony, schoolchildren Shaheer Ghaffer, Sean Fitzgerald, and Tia Costelloe asked the Mayor, “Will you diligently perform the responsibilities entrusted to you and serve the people of Limerick to the best of your ability?”

“I will” was the answer from Mayor Moran who later added, “For the first time in the history of Limerick, the Mayor of Limerick, or Meara Luimnigh is not just the Mayor, but is the Mayor of the people and belongs truly to them!

"Limerick has taken its place, unique among all of the local authorities in Ireland, as a place where all residents who can vote now select their mayor.

"That is a special and valued right.”

Dr. Pat Daly, Director General of Limerick City and County Council, described the occasion as “a significant milestone” in Limerick’s journey.

“From our rich medieval heritage to our vibrant arts, cultural, and sports scene, Limerick has consistently led the way," Dr. Daly said.

"Today, we add another chapter to our legacy—a Mayor elected directly by the people, with a mandate to shape our future.”

Dr. Daly added: “Mayor Moran, you carry the hopes and dreams of your community, and we trust that you will work alongside us toward a more prosperous and vibrant Limerick. One Limerick, with one voice. Together, now, we’ll continue to make history.”

Address from Director General at @LimerickCouncil Dr. Pat Daly.#LimerickEdgeEmbrace

— Limerick Council - Comhairle Luimnigh (@LimerickCouncil) June 21, 2024

Members of the public had the chance to meet with the newly vested Mayor of Limerick at Limerick City and County Council’s Headquarters at Merchants Quay following the ceremony.

The Mayor and the 40 recently elected Limerick councillors are attending their first formal meeting in Dooradoyle later today.

Moran had advocated for the introduction of a directly elected mayor when it was put before the electorates in Limerick, Waterford, and Cork in 2019.

Only the people of Limerick voted in favor of the plebiscite. The proposal was approved with 52.4% voting ‘Yes’.

The decision marked a historic change in the governance of Limerick, allowing for a mayor with executive powers to be elected, which is unique in Ireland.

Moran made history on June 7 when he became the first Mayor in Ireland to be directly elected. The people of Limerick went to the polls the same day as Ireland's local and European Parliament elections.

Topping the poll with 28,451 votes after 12 counts, Moran, who ran as an independent, was elected Mayor of Limerick after two days of counting at Limerick Racecourse in Patrickswell. He was elected without reaching the quota of 39,873. The total valid poll was 79,745.

Upon his election, Moran said he was "blown away" by the support he received across the county. 

He thanked the electorate for trusting in his vision for Limerick, saying: “It was amazing to see that this was a campaign where we picked up votes right across the county.

"People had their different views but pretty much, I think, the vision that we all had for Limerick was the same. Now it’s just a case of implementing that vision.”