George magazine’s founder, John F Kennedy, son of the former US president, asked Madonna to pose on the cover dressed as his mother, Jackie Onassis. Famously, Cindy Crawford dressed as George Washington, and Drew Barrymore as Marilyn Monroe for the cover of the political lifestyle magazine.

Madonna turned the offer down, insisting that she could not do the former first lady justice and commenting that her eyebrows were not as good as the former first lady’s.

According to reports in the Daily Mail, JFK Jr told his friend and publicist, RoseMarie Terenzio, about his idea for a photo shoot. He wanted to have Madonna pose for the September 1996 cover for the 'Women in Politics' issue.
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In her upcoming book, “Fairy Tale Interrupted”, Terenzio suggested Hillary Rodham Clinton for the same photo shoot but JFK Jr had more sensational ideas.

She recalls her former boss speaking about his proposed Madonna photo shoot. He said, “We'll have her in a pillbox hat, sitting on a stack of books”.

Terenzio said she believed his idea would cause a “media s***storm” given the rumor that JFK Jr and the musician had had an affair.

“Fairy Tale Interrupted”, to be released later this month, chronicles Terenzio’s five years as JFK Jr’s publicist. The pair worked together until JFK Jr died in 1999. The magazine closed in 2001.