Mental health campaigner John Edwards will be buried alive in Dublin, Florida, and Baltimore to raise awareness. 

Recovering addict John Edwards will be buried alive three times this month.

He has chosen to be buried in Florida (where 6,000 people died from overdoses last year), Baltimore (where the world's biggest drug clinic is located) and his native Dublin, Ireland. 

Each time, the 62-year-old from Clontarf will be buried 4ft underground for 48 hours. His actions are in order to attempt to help people struggling with suicidal thoughts or depression.

While under the soil, he will take calls from people who “need someone to talk to.”

This is because his special 'coffin'  is kitted out with WiFi and tubes for food and water.

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According to The Times, Edwards got clean from a drug addiction almost 30 years ago.

After attending many funerals of peers who lost their lives to heroin overdoses, he said he began to wonder what they would have wanted to say "from beyond the grave."

Edwards wrote on Instagram, "Drug deaths in Ireland are 3 times higher than the European average. We have to do something to reach the lost, addicted, suicidal and broken in our nations. Please pray for us for effective reach to millions of people around the world, protection (its dangerous) for finance to come in. (Its expensive) for the suicidal, addicted, lost, broken to be reached very effectively."

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Trish and I together with our team, Dermot Landy from Kerry in Ireland and Jess from W Yorkshire head off to USA & Ireland on Saturday to do 3 #Gravechats, 1 Winterhaven in Florida,1-3 November. 2 Baltimore, Maryland 8-11 November. 3 Dublin, Finglas Ireland, 15-18 November. Why would I get buried like this? Well....Having worked with the lost, addicted, broken, suicidal full time for 28 years, opened rehabs, taken countless into our home to live with us and having attended countless heartbreakingly sad funerals of young people, I decided to take a radical step and try my very best to do something about it. So by ‘Living and live-streaming from inside a buried coffin for 3 days each time to ‘Bring Words of life from a grave’ to encourage people to LIVE and teach them how to navigate trauma, addiction, brokenness etc. We’ve reached many millions of people and we (by Gods grace) will reach many millions more as we take this (and other ‘Different ideas) around the world to reach the lost and broken and help them live this life and experience life with Christ. We’ve been able to assist and help many suicidal young people (some older too) prayed with many for salvation, healing and help. I meet folk everywhere I go who tell us how it’s blessed and helped them. Please pray for us as we step out in total faith for open Doors, protection, provisions, effectiveness etc etc. If you are led to partner with us financially or prayerfully in reaching the many lost, addicted, suicidal and broken you can do so on our website. We’d be very, very grateful. Check out our website for more info. So, deep breath, here goes!!!

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He previously told the Irish Independent ahead of being 'buried' for 48 hours in Belfast last year that, "This is about bringing people together, interacting with them and offering help and support and words of life from the grave. I am a committed Christian but we welcome all-comers joining in."

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