It's not everyday that a schoolboy receives a letter from the Vice President, but not every boy can dream up a novel solution to the growing problem of gun violence in America.

But when seven year old Myles Nelson wrote to Joe Biden he had the perfect solution to unprecedented levels of gun violence against children and young people in our nation's schools - guns should only fire bullets made out of chocolate, Nelson wrote.

Charmed and moved by the letter, the Vice President reportedly sent a hand-written response to the boy praising his idea, which he said would make the country happier as well as safer, because 'people love chocolate.'

According to the Daily Mail the Vice President wrote to Myles, 'I really like your idea' and he signed off with these words: 'You are a good boy.'

Barbara Rankin, the reading specialist at the Downtown Montessori Academy in Milwaukee, told that Myles mentioned his chocolate bullet idea after learning about the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut in December.

'He said if we have chocolate bullets, nobody would be hurt and nobody would be sad,' she said.

Hearing this and moved by his innocence the teacher encouraged Myles to share his idea with 'people who could do something about the problem.'

The hand-written note from Biden has reportedly created quite a stir at the seven year old's Milwaukee school, where he is 'ecstatic' to have had his idea acknowledged.

Myles' teacher added that being called a 'good boy' by the Vice President 'meant the world' to him.

Gun control advocates are calling for measures to curb gun violence including universal background checks on owners and a ban on certain military-style weapons. The gun rights lobby insists people, including children, are safer when they are allowed to own and carry guns.

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