The name of an Irish man who has been missing for over 75 years has been engraved on a headstone in County Waterford. 

Jimmy O'Neill was just 16 when he disappeared without a trace in December 1947 and is Ireland's longest-missing person. 

O'Neill, who would be 91 if he was alive today, lived on Leamy Street in Waterford City and worked for a shipping company that operated between Waterford and Liverpool. 

His brother Frank, who was just five years old at the time of his disappearance, said Jimmy might have gotten on a boat to Liverpool and never come home. However, he added that nobody knows for sure. 

"He worked in a shipping company in Waterford and he had a half day on a Monday and never came home," Frank O'Neill told Irish radio station Newstalk. 

"So, my gut feeling at that time and my own little internal investigations was that Jimmy went missing; I was assuming that he went maybe on the Tuesday.

"This was of a Monday and I feel that Jimmy had to have help to stow away on the ship." 

Frank told Newstalk that he has added his brother's name to his family's headstone in Ballygunner, County Waterford. 

He is still urging anyone with information about what happened to Jimmy to come forward. 

Frank previously told the Irish Post that he hopes to learn what happened to his older brother before he dies. 

"I always hope and pray that before I die I will obtain, however small, some information if he is dead or alive," Frank O'Neill told the Irish Post in 2017. 

"I pray night and day and have gone to Mass every day since September 9, 1980, which was my last day cutting glass at Waterford Crystal."