The Australian man accused of raping and murdering Irish woman Jill Meagher, slept into the afternoon, and watched movies with his girlfriend after he committed his heinous crimes, according to court documents.

Adrian Ernest Bayley is on trial for the murder of the Irish woman in September of last year; he has pleaded guilty to rape charges, but denies murdering the 29-year-old journalist.

In a police statement, tendered in court during Bayley’s committal hearing, his girlfriend said that after news broke regarding Meagher’s disappearance, he warned her not to walk alone at night.

"I said, 'Oh, she's pretty and ... works for the ABC,' and he goes, 'Yeah ... that's why I'm saying that this place is not safe'," the woman said.

“He goes, 'Don't walk alone at night'.”

The Herald Sun reports the woman told police that she and Bayley were socializing with friends on the night of February 21 when she left him at a Swanston St. bar due to an argument over his possessiveness. She avoided his calls for the rest of the night.

Police documents allege that the accused returned home and changed before he went to Brunswick where he dragged Meagher into a laneway around 1:38 am, where he raped and allegedly strangled her.

The documents shown to the court show he returned to the laneway with a shovel and his car at 4:22 am and drove his victim’s body to Gisborne South, where he buried her.

His elderly landlady saw Bayley at his home at 6:30am.

She told police: "He said to me, 'I've just had a shower - been a big night. I just had a phone call from my boss. He asked me to go and check on a pipe."'

His partner said he arrived home at around 7am on Saturday morning.

She said they slept until 1pm before they went to pick up his car.

"We went in my car to Flemington (and) on the way we stopped and had kebabs," she told police.

"And then we went and picked up his car and then we got some movies."

The woman told police Bayley had come home with a bruise on the bridge of his nose on the night in question. He told her he got into a fight with some men in the city.

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Flowers are left at the Melbourne bridal shop where Jill Meagherwas last seen alive.Robert Mckechnie Source: Herald Sun