The Central Statistics Office (CSO) in Ireland has released their list for the most popular baby names from last year, 2012.

The Irish Times reports that the CSO has found that Jack for boys and Emily for girls have both retained the top ranking spot since 2011.

In fact, the top five boys names - Jack, James, Daniel, Sean and Conor - have been in the top five in varying positions since 2007. Four of those top five names - Jack, Sean, Conor and James - have been in the top five since 1998, but in varying positions.

The boys name rising most in popularity in the year was Danny, which jumped 22 places from 114th the previous year. Danny joined the names Isaac and Logan as making their first time appearance in the top 100 names.

The top five girls names - Emily, Sophie, Emma, Grace and Lily - remain in the same order they were ranked in 2011. Emily has been in the top five names for girls in the past four out of five years.

For girls, Evie, Amelie, Hanna, Maisie and Rose made an appearance in the top 100 names for the first time.

The Journal reports that there was a wider variety of names for girls rather than boys, with 4,730 girls’ names registered compared to 3,804 boys’ names.

Traditionally Irish names came in later in the rankings for 2012. While Conor and Sean were in the top five for boys, the first traditionally Irish name for girls that was ranked was Aoife in the eleventh spot.

Other popular Irish names for girls included Caoimhe and Saoirse. For boys, Oisin, Cian and Liam were all in the top 15 names.

CSO releases Ireland's top baby names for 2012