The small village of Fucking in Austria has, no doubt, endured its fair share of ridicule. Fed up, villagers are set to vote on whether or not the name should be officially changed.

The Independent reports on the vote that will be put to the 104 residents of Fucking later this week.

Franz Meindli, the mayor of Fucking, commented on the situation in his town. “People are now willing to discuss changes to the spelling of the name. But first all Fuckingers have to agree on whether want to change it or not.”

While the small Austrian village enjoyed a relatively quiet life for centuries, that was all turned upside down when US troops stationed in the area at the close of WWII discovered the town’s name and its popularity exploded - much to the amusement of tourists and irritation of locals.

At least 13 road signs bearing the village’s name have been stolen, and seeing semi-naked women posing next to the remaining signs is reportedly not uncommon.

The news about Fucking wanting its name changed comes just a few months after a small town in Limerick dealt with similar problems. When the town of Effin was automatically blocked on Facebook for being considered offensive, the townspeople took matters into their own hands.

Rather than opt to change the name, Effin’s people embraced it. They launched a campaign which ultimately was successful in getting Effin on Facebook, and now the town sells products bearing the name Effin.

Some townspeople in Fucking are looking to alter the spelling of their village’s name to replace the ‘ck’ with a single or double ‘g.’ The village’s title was derived from Focko, a 6th Century Bavarian nobleman, and the modern spelling was adopted in the 18th Century.

The vote is set to take place later this week.

Street sign in Fucking, AustriaIrish Independent