Ireland’s unseasonably good April weather is about to take a turn for the worst, with overnight temperatures across the country expected to plummet to freezing or near-freezing levels Sunday night, reports.

Forecasters are predicting Ireland will be hit with freezing temperatures on Sunday night and Monday, with experts saying that areas in the north and northwest will experience snow.

People across the country were shocked last week when the snow icon popped up on the  weather maps for Monday.

Met Eireann said wet snow is definitely in the offing-- they predict Monday to be cold and blustery with some wet snow 

Locals cannot remember the last time there was snowfall in Ireland so late in the year.Snowfall is unusual even in winter compared to the US . The highest snow fall was December 31st 1962 when 17 inches fell in Dublin.

However, forecaster David Rogers told that the forecast model  called for very cold temperatures. “It will definitely be noticeably colder, and there will be showers, some wintry,” he said on Thursday.

Met Éireann’s Willemien Phelan said on Friday that a persisting cold, northerly wind, will follow from overnight rain and showers on Saturday.

“It will be the coldest on Monday, and that is cold enough for snow on Sunday night. Temperatures will go down below freezing on Sunday night, and if there is any precipitation it will be wintery on higher ground.

“On Monday there will be widespread showers, some of which could be heavy. Those showers could turn wintery along the western half of the country, so that is hail on higher ground with possibly sleet or snow. It will feel cold as well with those westerly winds,” she predicted, according to the Irish Times.

“It was an interesting picture over the last couple of days where it was always milder in the west, the west really had the best sunshine because the easterly wind was cold and it was keeping the east quite cool. But from the next couple of days it will be wet in the west which is going to be a big change for people to experience,” she said.