HE’S at it again.  Cormac MacConnell, writing from 3,000 miles away, never a resident of the U.S. (as far as I know) yet still pontificating on Sarah Palin.

Guess what, Cormac? You think you’ve got a right to weigh in because the U.S. president is the leader of the free world, as you say, but if I were you I’d worry about what’s going on in your bankrupt country first and foremost.

The leader of the free world didn’t cause the greed that resulted in your banks going bust and the value of your real estate falling through the floor.

The leader of the free world isn’t the one who’s responsible for causing another brain drain in your country which will result in yet more emigration.

You’ve got a heap of problems right at your doorstep, Mr. MacConnell, so butt out of our election and worry about cleaning up your own country.
You might not like Sarah Palin, but guess what? No one here really cares. American voters will make the decisions about her political future, not you or any other smart-mouthed armchair pundit living an ocean away.

Paul McCarthy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania