President George W. Bush and Bono became friends and allies when they worked on AIDS eradication in Africa, but W. pretended to be a bit confused when he first met the U2 frontman.

An HBO documentary that aired earlier this month, Countdown to Zero, detailed the first time Bush and Bono met. When the prez was asked if he knew who Bono was Bush replied, “Sure, he’s married to Cher.”

Yikes! That marriage ended decades before Bush assumed office, but W. made the remark in jest and soon bonded with Bono over their desire to make Africa a better, safer place.

“I guess somebody thought it'd be cool to have Bono in the Oval Office. They must've had a Bono record or two. I certainly didn't suggest it. You know, I'm pretty cynical when it comes to people's intentions when they say they're going to help other people,” Bush said.

“But Bono came in and floored me with his knowledge, his energy, and his faith.”

U2 are back in Dublin after their triumphant Paris shows, enjoying some R&R after their acclaimed iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour. No doubt Bono will be busking on Grafton Street on Christmas Eve like he always does.