Can we talk? The late Joan Rivers is rightfully being mourned by fans around the world, but her global history at times was a tad off . . . even if she was only a jokester.

A zillion words have been devoted to Rivers, who took aim at those in both high and low places. Many of the reminiscences repeated a joke she told about Her Majesty over in England: “The Queen’s a schlep! If you rule England, Ireland, Scotland and Canada, shave your legs!”

While the Queen’s claim on Ireland ended quite some time ago, Rivers did bring her stand-up show to Dublin on more than one occasion. She was last there in October of 2012 when she played the Vicar Street venue for two shows.

YouTube has some photos of Joan, who splashed some green in her hair for the gigs. The caption with the pix says “Ireland paparazzi sexy photos.” She would have liked that!

The often caustic comic showed her charitable side when she was asked to donate a recipe for an Irish charity cookbook to benefit St. Luke’s Hospital in Dublin. Her recommended dish? Toast.

“Take two slices of white bread. Place them in a toaster and press down the handle. Wait two minutes or until toast pops up. Spread butter over slices after removing them from the toaster. Serves two,” she wrote.

And for holidays, she added, “raisin bread may be substituted.” Sounds delish, just like Joan was.