Is Beyonce a big fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey novels? Or is she involved in the film adaptation of the erotic books which will hit theaters on Valentine’s Day?

Mrs. Jay Z posted a brief trailer for the movie on her Instagram account on Sunday and Fifty fans went into overdrive wondering what’s up. Seems likely that Bey could be providing some of the soundtrack for the film, which stars Northern Irish actor/model Jamie Dornan as the main man, Christian Grey.

The first full trailer for Fifty will debut this week, so producers are trying to build plenty of advance buzz. Dornan, meanwhile, has been attracting attention for another project, a hugely popular BBC crime drama called The Fall in which he co-stars with Gillian Anderson.

A trailer for the show, which is set in Belfast, was just released in the U.K., with the BBC promising that the second season of the series will air “soon.”