THE condemnation of the Irish Voice by letter writers Miss Riley and Mr. Lyons in last week’s issue over an article on a certain Christina Walsh, who is in the business of hiring herself for sex which resulted in a publicly reported scandalous rendezvous with bad-boy actor Charlie Sheen, is completely misplaced.

The fact that she is first generation Irish whose father is from Cork is the greater motivator behind their letters of condemnation.  It is not all about sympathy and consideration for the Walsh family's humiliations.
I wonder if Miss Walsh was further removed from the Irish connection of first generation would we see the same enthusiastic sympathy? Let's say third or fourth generation.

There is something of the herd mentality in their letters.  Are they saying the Irish Voice should ignore and hide individual scandalous behavior in the active Irish community because it will bring shame on the whole community?

Didn’t the Catholic Church try that on their own sex scandals, and look what happened?

The bad behavior of the few doesn’t bring shame on the whole.  To think it does is primitive thinking.

John Rogers
Voorhees, New Jersey