I THOUGHT your front page story on the Walsh family in last week’s family was extremely unfortunate.

Christina Walsh, the daughter of Irishman Paul Walsh, has made a mistake in her lifestyle choice, and now she’ll never be able to live it down thanks to the Irish Voice.  Undoubtedly she will see the error of her ways when she is an older, more mature woman.

In the meantime, the Irish Voice has shamed itself in its tabloid attempts to further smear the Walsh family, whose privacy should be respected and not exploited.

Maureen Riley
Bronx, New York

SENIOR EDITOR DEBBIE McGOLDRICK RESPONDS: Ms. Riley, if Christina Walsh – Charlie Sheen’s for-hire paramour/adult film star on the night he had a major meltdown in New York’s Plaza Hotel last month – chooses someday to “live down” her present way of earning a buck, it’s hardly likely she’ll blame the Irish Voice if she’s unable to.

Let’s see – in addition to our paper, the Sheen/Walsh, um, “incident,” was painstakingly reported by virtually every major media outlet in the country.  Ms. Walsh – a/k/a Capri Anderson – has hardly been shy in promoting her career choices, either, with photos of herself in various stages of undress splashed all over the Internet. If she eventually wants to airbrush her current media profile, as you suggest she might, the Irish Voice coverage will be the least of her worries.

Mr. Lyons – the Irish Voice has nothing to apologize for.  We are a newspaper and we are in the business of reporting news in all of its facets – good, bad, funny, sad, quirky, etc.

Perhaps you know the Walsh family personally, but if you don’t you’re assuming that they’ve been “humiliated” by Christina’s career and her run-in with Sheen, but maybe that’s not the case at all.  Either way, we stand by our decision to highlight the Irish angle to the story.