IN what is widely acknowledged to have been a dubious election (to put it mildly), Yoweri Museveni has just been returned for another term as president of Uganda.

He has already held power for 25 years, and having managed to abolish presidential term limits looks set to hold office for many years to come.

During Museveni’s time as president, his regime has invaded and occupied Congo, in a war that cost 5.5 million lives. Uganda was subsequently ordered by the international court to pay millions of dollars in reparations to Congo, for plundering its neighbors resources and committing atrocities.

In a rare moment of frankness, the Uganda president once publicly admitted that his entire government is corrupt.

Incidentally, the Museveni regime receives around 46 euro million in Irish aid every year.

Is it any wonder that our country is in the state it is?

John O’Shea
GOAL Founder
Dublin, Ireland