Bono has been a force for good in so many ways – his work on behalf of AIDS treatment and prevention in Africa is heroic – and now he’s lending his support to the millions of refugees who have been displaced by war in Syria.

The U2 frontman spent the Easter period at a refugee camp in Jordan, and is pleading with the world to come together to solve the worsening crisis.

"We now know that what goes on in the Middle East or North Africa this year will spill onto the streets of Paris or Brussels next year and, God forbid, onto the streets of America," Bono said during a live interview from Jordan on Monday’s Good Morning America.

"We cannot separate ourselves from what’s going on in the outside world anymore. It’s our world. That’s what comes with globalization," he said. "With global impact, we’ve got responsibilities."

Bono’s One campaign, which he co-founded several years ago to help eradicate poverty and preventable disease in Africa – One has seven million members – is assisting in his efforts to prod the world to act.

"If what happened in Syria were, God forbid, to happen again to another country, it’s happening already in Libya but, God forbid, Nigeria, Europe is no longer viable," Bono said. "That’s a big problem for America."

"As well as being a big trade partner, Europe is America’s greatest ally. Jordan, where I’m standing, is a really critical ally of America and, as it happens, a lesson of grace in the way they’re treating the refugee crisis."

Bono says that if the world embraces the refugees – especially the children -- the support will be returned.

"Remember, all these kids, all these lives, they want to be friends of America. They want to be friends of liberty," Bono said. "These places can be sort of universities in teaching people our values or else they can be places that are dangerous to our ideas and who we are so let’s take the first course, not the second."

The new issue of Fortune named Bono on its World’s 50 Greatest Leaders list – he’s number 14. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, is tops.