Bono penned a long, deeply personal update on his health and other issues which you can delve into on the band's site. It’s a long, fascinating read, so grab a cuppa before you do.

The newsy bits have been reported exhaustively – namely, that the U2 frontman worries his bike accident in Central Park a couple of months ago which required hours of surgery will render him unable to ever play guitar again. He’s been struggling mightily with the recovery process, and says he won’t be appearing in public or doing interviews for quite some time as he continues rehab in preparation for U2’s world tour which kicks off in Vancouver in May.

Not garnering as much attention was Bono’s proud dad boasting about his four children. His actress daughter Eve Hewson has attracted attention for her roles, most recently in the Cinemax series The Knick. Eldest daughter Jordan, Bono reports, is studying poetry and continuing the Hewson tradition of activism with her work as founding editor of Global Citizen, a group dedicated to fighting extreme poverty.

Bono’s sons, Elijah and John, we rarely hear about, but clearly they’re thriving. “I refuse to admit John at 13 is taller than me. I still clip his ear to make him laugh while I can... he's a natural comedian whose heroes are graffiti and street artists like JR. He plays rugby as I did but he's better than I ever was,” Bono writes.

“Elijah Bob, or Eli as he's known, is 15 and already a guitar shredder. Our boy Eli won’t be a student for long.”