U2, like so many bands, has a special relationship with its fans, and enjoys interacting with them on stage and being as open as they possibly can. We’re living in scary times, though, and the shooting death of The Voice finalist Christina Grimmie by a deranged “fan” earlier this month surely sent chills down the spine of artists who may now think twice about things like meet and greets and other public events.

The Edge, U2 lead guitarist, told Billboard magazine last week that having to put a further wall between the band and its fans is a possibility that hasn’t yet been contemplated.

“We never really sat down and had that conversation because I think it will be a really difficult one for us to even think about. Our relationship with our fans is so special to us and there is a huge amount of trust that goes both ways, so I would hate to ever imagine the need to roll back on that kind of freedom,” Edge said in response to a question about possible increased security measures given what’s going on in the world these days.

“We’re probably lucky, and we don’t take it for granted by any means, but we very much rue the day that we may have to change any of the ways that our shows are operated because it does mean a lot to us, the connection between the fans and ourselves.”

The good news is that U2 is putting the finishing touches on a new album which Edge says will hopefully be out by the end of this year. A new tour is also in the works.

“Short of announcing the plan, which I can’t right now, we’re still on target to get out there sooner rather than later,” he said.