It is extremely ironic and probably quite startling for many of you currently riveted to the hotter than hot political jousting over there for the Republican and Democrat nominations to contest the upcoming presidential election, that it is Cormac MacConnell far away across the Atlantic in Co. Clare who has sensational new information about the Republican conflict.

And believe me that what I am about to reveal here exclusively is the gospel truth.

There are quite high error factors built by the professional pollsters into all the polls which have that strange animal Donald Trump well ahead of all the other contenders for the Republican nomination. He is drawing huge crowds everywhere, hogging all the headlines, easily surviving all his many apparent gaffes during debates.

He seems to be equipped not just with a mane of ginger hair, which he has proved to be his own, but also with some uniquely magnetic biological coating of Teflon which ensures that the attacks which fellow contenders launch against him do not stick.

His unique braggadocio campaign is quite compelling to view on the TV screens over here. His numbers climb weekly according to the pollsters and, until you began reading, this many of you are likely to have felt he already has the Republican nomination in his hip pocket and that battalions of workers will be starting to construct that anti-illegals fence south of the Mason-Dixon Line in a matter of months.

That is not going to happen.

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Months ahead of all the hotshot pollsters, I am telling ye here today that Donald Trump is losing ground at a dreadful rate, hour by hour, day by day, week by week to even more powerful and elemental leftist forces aligned against him and growing more powerful and purposeful by the minute.

The ground, quite literally, is slipping away from under his feet! That fence which he had hoped to construct down South to stop a tide of illegal immigrants is of absolutely no use to him now. He is doomed to failure.

Remember that ye read that here first in the Irish Voice/IrishCentral on my page.

It is apt that I can illustrate the political reality with the scenario developing around Trump's slice of my Co. Clare where, amidst much fanfare, he purchased the Doonbeg Golf Resort for a knockdown price three or four years ago. The links course and its attached club, in the west of the county, is upmarket and an employment source for the locals.

However, the leftist forces I spoke about earlier are the tides and storms which, following the storms of the last two winters, are washing away the ground from under the billionaire's feet at the accelerating rate of at least one yard annually right along the coastal course. Some of the holes had to be closed because of flooding last winter after at least 30 feet of the protective sand dunes were washed away entirely.

See what I mean about the ground being washed away from under Trump's feet by elemental forces?!

The further facts are that instead of constructing an American fence in the near future, Trump will have to spend many millions of euros to protect his investment. A fence is useless in this case. He will have to get permission from Clare County Council to import a protective ring of huge limestone boulders to strengthen the coastal dunes against the real tides of invading (illegal?) waves and surf.

There is, as yet, no clearance for the survival scheme, but it is estimated by experts that such an exercise would entail a construction period of at least eight months. And, as I say, the job will cost nearly as much as that fence would have cost.

And Trump will have lots of opportunities to come over and supervise the exercise because, let's face it, he won't really have any much more important works to be doing!

Meanwhile, the ground is slipping away from under his feet in more ways than one.