Colin Farrell jetted to Hawaii to pick up an award at the Maui Film Festival last week, and if some early reviews of his upcoming True Detective are anything to go by, maybe he should clear more space on his trophy shelf.

Farrell stars with Vince Vaughn in the second season of the acclaimed HBO drama which bows on June 21. Yes, some reviews have unfavorably compared this season to the epic first one that everyone raved about, but a healthy number of critics are down with round two, which sees Farrell playing an LA cop with all kinds of professional and personal conflicts.

“Colin Farrell is the height (or depth) of loucheness with a mustache that deserves a screen credit in its own right. Vince Vaughn can almost keep up, as a criminal on the cusp of going legitimate,” Esquire magazine opined.

Farrell has high hopes for his HBO debut, he told Reuters while in Maui.

“Hopefully people respond to it. You never know. But it was a blast to work on. It was such good material, and such a wonderful cast of characters,” he said.

Farrell says that he’s completely settled down from his former wild man of Hollywood ways.

“I’m good, man. I was at the party long enough. I was the party long enough. For me... I’m very glad to be alive,” said the Dubliner, who’s been clean and sober for some years now.

He’s also happy that he’s gainfully employed in the cutthroat world of showbiz.

“I’ve been blessed over the 15 years with an incredible amount of opportunity I never really had planned for, and never really thought was going to come my way. So, yeah, I have a nice bit of choice, and yeah, I do okay.

“I’ve done jobs for purely creative reasons and I’ve done jobs where the money was better than the script but I thought I could do something with the script. But it was really to bank a bit of money for the future. So you just mix it up.”