Billy Joel is INCOMPARABLE – caps for emphasis! – and it’s likely that Bono thought the same after BJ managed to get the Irish rock star back to his Hamptons hotel safe and sound a few years back…even though Bono didn’t quite know where he was staying.

Billy gave an interview to The Daily Mail promoting his September show at Wembley Stadium, and told a cute story about how he helped a stranded Bono get back to his abode from the famous American Hotel in Sag Harbor, where the two singers happened to meet up.

“We got talking about music, shot the s*** and then he asked for a ride back. But he didn’t know how to get to where he was staying. I’d gone to the hotel on a little Vespa with a sidecar I used to take the dogs in,” Billy recalled.

“Bono went in the sidecar. We were driving around in Sag Harbor, a tiny place, and he still didn’t know where he was going. I said, ‘Give me some landmarks’ and he says, ‘There’s trees and some water.’ We were surrounded by trees and water. People were looking at me with Bono in the sidecar with an, are-you-kidding-me? look. It took about an hour to find his hotel, which was five minutes away, but we had fun!’”