Fans of Star Wars are crashing movie ticketing websites to get advance screening seats for The Force Awakens, and the frenzy is equally overheated in Ireland.

Tickets went in a snap to a first midnight show in Dublin on December 17, a day before the film opens. One of the stars is Dublin’s Domhnall Gleeson, who’s poised to have an amazing end to 2015 given that he’s also co-starring in Brooklyn which has earned rave reviews and Oscar buzz.

In The Force Awakens Gleeson, 32, plays a character called General Hux, who is reportedly merciless. Gleeson and the huge cast of the film have been sworn to secrecy about their characters, but he did give a couple of clues to Total Film magazine.

“Yeah, I mean you look at (Hux) and you realize he’s not a good guy. He’s got an English accent so he can’t be good,” Gleeson said.

One of the stars of Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken last year, Gleeson says he relished the chance to join The Force Awakens cast not only because of the Star Wars legacy, but for the chance to play an intriguing character too.

“It’s fun to do different things,” he said. “I hadn’t played anybody like that before. Star Wars is amazing, (director) J.J. Abrams is amazing, but the thing to do was play something different. That’s what got me really excited.”