One minute he’s getting divorced; the next he’s an expectant father. Such is the life of Jamie Dornan, a tabloid star since his splash as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey earlier this year.

Chatter these past couple of weeks had Northern Irish native Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner calling it quits over some rumor that he was flirting with locals at a nightclub in the Czech Republic while he was working.

Hmmmm…wait a few days and then another story pops up that Dornan and the missus are expecting their second child. Why? Because they were caught arm-in-arm in London last week, and Amelia was wearing a coat that concealed a baby bump.

Actually, there were several photos of the couple, parents to a nearly two-year-old daughter, online last week, and Amelia definitely looks like she could be carrying her second child. Or else her little bump could have come from a few hearty meals. Who knows?

They certainly look happy, and time will tell if another Dornan is on the way.