IRELAND’S forestry board, Coillte, is set to sacrifice thousands of defenseless creatures in a callous bid to boost its profits.

Coillte is currently selling licenses that will allow hunters to destroy life in forests all over the country.
Not only will woodland wildlife be killed, but also creatures that Coillte is inviting hunters to introduce into the forests to use as targets.

Coillte is owned by the Irish people, and this contamination of profits with blood money is surely unacceptable to the merciful majority. The deer, foxes and birds that make a visit to a forest so priceless for so many should be allowed to live free from persecution.

Ironically, on its website, Coillte urges visitors to forests to "respect wildlife" and "avoid disturbing animals and birds."

Everyone who values life over death should urgently demand that Coillte practices what it preaches and keeps the hunters out.

Philip Kiernan
Irish Council Against Blood Sports
Mullingar, Co. Westmeath