MR. James V. Burke, in his letter "Real GOP Agenda" in last week's issue, gave us the absolute and final truth about the originators of evil and injustice in America, if not the whole world.  They are none other than Republican politicians and free enterprisers.

On the other hand, he implies that there is no way you can be a good Christian unless you support public sector unions or any union backed by the Democratic Party.

The good Christian aspect of Mr. Burke's position is intriguing because I believe that the seventh commandment is very much at play here.  Buying Democratic politicians with union dues in return for gold plated contracts on pension rights, exorbitant health care benefits, work rules where workers can't get fired and having the entire unsustainable cost passed on to the taxpayers is nothing more than legalized stealing.

The seventh commandment, as far as I know, doesn’t make any distinction between legalized stealing and plain old fashion stealing.  The only difference is a fellow on Wall Street could wind up in jail while the legalized stealer retains his good name and gets reelected.

However, in Christian terms, God has not been fooled nor has the good Christian.

The Democratic left wing politicians in Albany, headed by Assembly Democratic Speaker Sheldon Silver, were able for years to keep secret their outside incomes and clients they represented before the state. They had passed a statute to actually allow them to do this. Another good example of how to be a good Christian.

Mr. Burke says in his last paragraph that industry has always treated the federal government like a cash cow at the expense of the taxpayers. Does Mr. Burke not realize that he just hoisted himself on his own petard with that statement?

Since the federal government is not some inanimate object but a group of elected politicians where the Democratic Party held majority rule unbroken for 40 years, I think I can logically conclude that these politicians sold their integrity to the captains of industry and thereby allowed the federal government to be turned into a cash cow, as Mr. Burke claims.

It takes two to tango. There is no one way street here.

When all is said and done there is enough blame to go around many different groups.  I think sharing the blame and the responsibility for wrongdoing is better than pointing fingers with the holier than thou mentality.

John Rogers
Voorhees, New Jersey