Is there such a thing as a bland, drama-free interview with Sinead O’Connor? Apparently so, and it originates in Sydney, where the high priestess is due to tour later this year.

Sinead was asked about her travel do’s and don’ts by the Sydney Morning Herald last weekend, and she revealed she’s a homebird who doesn’t really enjoy holidays.

Her idea of a perfect vacay? “Being at home -- family life. I really am an indoors person, I don't go out a lot. I spend most of my time writing. I blog regularly and I'm actually writing a book about my life at the moment; my first memoirs. I also smoke a lot of cigarettes. So that's how I like to fill my time, writing and smoking!” she says.

She never leaves home without her Bose travel speaker which she uses after her gigs – and a pair of tweezers. Her favorite hotel? Again close to base camp, the Shelbourne in Dublin.

“The staff really look after you. You can smoke - which is really important for me - and, if it's your birthday, they'll make you a chocolate cake,” Sinead said.