Sinead O'Connor’s new mantra is God Bless America!

The Irish singer is fresh off a headline-grabbing feud with Miley Cyrus — who’s stripping and pot smoking her way through Europe these days, clearly not taking heed of O'Connor's words of warning.
A fully clothed O’Connor is currently on tour in America and loving every minute of it.

On Sunday night she penned a blog post expressing problems with her homeland, and wishing that she could set up shop here.

“Ireland is a painful struggle for me because it’s still in the witch burning middle f***ing ages in so many ways. In America it’s okay to be ‘different.’  There’s no f***in’ sense of rock and roll in Ireland at all. It’s a very lonely place for me consequently,” she wrote on

O’Connor never mentioned her previous Miley missives, instead focusing on the positive and the “fuggin fun” she’s having here.
“I never had so much fun in my life. Whole reason any of us fantasized about being musicians was we wanted to come to America. You just don’t fuggin feel like you’re really fuggin rockin’ til you’re fuggin rockin’ in America,” she added.

Well fuggin right on Sinead! The audience and critics are throwing the love back in her direction too. She played three sold-out shows in City Winery in New York last week and won raves from critics and fans – no twerking or slimy tongues needed.

“Her voice … remains shockingly clear and affecting, especially when it strains at the top of its register and cracks with emotion,” the Village Voice opined.

Sinead’s tour continues through the month, and heading home isn’t something she’s looking forward to.

“Goodnight America. I wish you were Ireland. Please can you claim me? Can I seek artistic asylum if not physical?” she wrote.