Sinead O’Connor is the cover story in the current issue of Billboard magazine, and she spoke about her ups and downs in the music industry and life as only she can.

Her long-trusted management team, which she replaced a while back, apparently took to ripping her off when she wasn’t looking. Sinead, 47, was going through a severe depression at the start of last year which she attributed to her doctor suddenly taking her off medication for bipolar disorder (a misdiagnosis, she says). As a result she had to cancel some tour dates.

“That’s when the real ugliness started,” she told Billboard. “People were trying to sue me.”

Her accountant went through the finances and the news was grim. “Within the week it was being alleged that people I would have leapt in front of a bullet for had been financially f***ing me over,” she revealed, but she wouldn’t let the deceit get the best of her. Sinead returned to songwriting and produced a new album, I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss, released this week.

“If I didn’t do it,” she says, “these motherf***ers were going to have my soul.”

Sinead also revealed that she’s still legally married to her fourth husband, Barry Herridge, who she wed in Las Vegas in 2011 after knowing him for only a few weeks. The union lasted all of 16 days. “I’m still best mates with him,” she said.

One person she won’t be reconciling with anytime soon is Miley Cyrus. Last year Sinead got into a spat with Cyrus after pleading with her to stop pimping herself to get ahead, and Miley didn’t take too kindly to the scolding. The two engaged in a Twitter war for a couple of weeks, and Sinead now says the subject is closed.

“Well, you know, I’d love to marry myself a multimillionaire rapper, but it ain’t going to happen any more than me engaging in a conversation about that,” she said.

The cover of her new album is certainly provocative for Sinead. She looks stunning in a brown shoulder length wig and tight dress – very out of character for her, but she says there’s a reason.

“The day it dawns on you that [this business] is pimps and hos -- and that you’ve been the ho and didn’t even realize it -- can be a bit head-wrecking,” she says. “And then you realize, ‘Okay, I’m a ho, and maybe I can do something useful with that,’ like slap on a wig and a latex dress and get a lot more attention for your album than you would have if you had gone on there with your E.T.-looking bald head.”