Add grandma-to-be to Sinead O’Connor’s list of job titles. The singer, currently touring Australia, announced over the weekend that she’s going to be a granny for the first time, though there was some initial media confusion over which of her four kids was in the family way.

The Sydney Morning Herald first reported that she told an audience her daughter was with child. "I usually dedicate this song to my daughter, but I recently found out she's having a baby in July, so I'll dedicate this to my daughter's baby," O'Connor said as the crowd applauded.

"It's great when you're going to be a granny, you don't care that you look old!"

Her daughter Roisin Waters is only 18, but as it turns out Sinead’s first born, 27-year-old Jake, is the one who’s extending the family by a generation, a fact clarified by Sinead on her Facebook page on Monday.

“It’s not my 18-year-old daughter who’s having a baby! It’s my 27-year-old son Jake and his beautiful girlfriend Lia! Am so delighted!!! Always wanted to be a granny. Baby will be arriving in July. Please can you correct error as my poor daughter is a bit freaked out and her father is likely to have a nervous breakdown,” the newly-minted #rocknrollgranny wrote.

Grandma Sinead has no intention of settling into a rocking chair for now. “Having loads of fun ogling the hairy men of Oz,” she wrote of her Australian escapades.

She’s also been showing support for Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown who lies brain dead in an Atlanta hospital thanks to drugs. Sinead says she’s contacted the Fox News website to remove racist postings about the Browns on their stories, and she’s dedicated songs to the tragic 22-year-old while performing in Oz.