Homeless people in Dublin provided with emergency accommodation frequently have to share their new quarters with cockroaches, rats and mice.

They also had to tolerate bed bugs, bloodstained mattresses and damp, moldy rooms.

The Dublin Regional Homeless Executive received more than 100 complaints last year from people they placed in hotels, bed and breakfasts and other emergency accommodation.

The complaints, which were released to RTE News under Freedom of Information, show that health and safety, anti-social behavior and child welfare were among the issues raised by some of the almost 800 families living in temporary accommodation last year.

The accommodation was described as cramped, damp, dirty and unsafe in the submissions.

Smoking and drug use in accommodation and anti-social and intimidating behavior by other residents also feature among the complaints.

One unnamed user said, “There is a very serious problem with rats in the apartment. They are jumping on the beds, in the kitchen, all over the place … This living situation is causing huge distress and has become unbearable.”

There were several complaints from people on tenants openly entering the premises with alcohol and under the influence of class A drugs.

One mother said, “I don't think the building is safe or sanitary for families.”

Others said they were evicted when they complained.

Sam McGuinness. CEO of the Simon Community which helps the homeless, described the details as “sickening” and blamed the serious scarcity of accommodation in Dublin with soaring rents forcing people on to the streets.