THE Irish corporate media's coverage of the Windsor visit could not be described, no matter how broad a definition used, as “journalism.”

Those that produced such one sided, sycophantic reports should hang their heads in shame. It exposed once again a complete lack of any credible mainstream media outlet willing to critically examine or question the political establishment line.

Their “journalism” consisted of article after article parroting the “consensus” of how great the English monarch is, how great this visit would be for us all and how anyone who questioned this consensus was a political dinosaur filled with hate and bitterness.

None dared break the consensus and report on Gardai (police) intimidating protesters, stealing posters and banners or throwing the national flag in refuse trucks as they effectively banned it from our capital city.

There was no media questioning as to whether the tens of millions of euros spent on this visit would have been better spent elsewhere, such as in our hospitals and schools or for special needs assistants and carers.

Silence on these issues was the consensus. Instead we heard a narrative of a little old lady and her husband who were in Ireland to promote peace and goodwill.

And no “journalist” dared ask the obvious question -- what exactly is it about this anti-democratic, sectarian, war crimes apologist who lives a life of privilege based on the exploitation of her “subjects,” that has the leaders of this so-called “republic” almost wetting themselves with excitement at the prospect of being in her company and bowing and scraping before her?

Anyone dare to hazard a guess?

Gerry Casey
Co. Sligo, Ireland