SJP first tasted her Invivo, New Zealand, wine when she was staying at her family home in Donegal. 

Sarah Jessica Parker’s idea of sheer bliss? A hot cup of PG Tips tea. “This is what I’m drinking all day when we are in Ireland, with brown soda bread, toasted, with Kerrygold butter,” the actress and entrepreneur recently told Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.

SJP just debuted a new sauvignon blanc, Invivo X by Sarah Jessica Parker. Invivo is produced in New Zealand and sold all over the world, including in Ireland where she first became acquainted with it.

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“When the owners of Invivo reached out to see if I would be interested in collaborating, they were surprised when I told them that my husband and I have been buying their wines for years, whenever we stay at our home in Kilcar, Ireland. The cottage has been in Matthew's family for 40 years,” Sarah said.

Matthew Broderick is the husband, of course, and they’re regular visitors to Kilcar in Donegal with their three kids. Clan Broderick blends in with the locals when they’re around, and SJP further elaborated on how they relax on vacation in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“Our local SuperValu has a really nice selection of wine and we had been purchasing Invivo wines and we loved them. We can only cook when we’re in Ireland because there aren’t really restaurants where we are, so if people are at our home then we cook for them and serve them wine,” she said.

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