The former Mr. Katy Perry, Russell Brand, is fashioning a new career for himself these days as a man of the common people – though he certainly doesn’t live among the great unwashed, of course, and has a few more zeroes in his bank account.

His anti-government shtick extends to Ireland these days, where he’s a staunch supporter of those who are protesting the government’s hugely controversial water charges. Russ is fanning the flames from his perch in the U.K. and urging Irish people – and the Scots, and the English -- to take the day off work on Wednesday of this week to join in a national protest against the charges.

He’s even threatening to make an appearance himself because Irish protests have “better songs, better vibe.”

“If you are an Irish person or an English person or a Scottish person, you could support this with a little ferry trip or a plane ride. Don’t go to work that day. Take the day off work, because like big corporations they are doing you over at every opportunity not paying their taxes and join this protest in Dublin,” he said.

This isn’t the first time Brand has dipped his toes into Irish waters. Last month he made a video – complete with Irish brogue – offering his support to the poor Irish.

“People are being charged for water they have already paid for because of irresponsible government policies,” he said.