ON July 8, 1981 my wife Norah McCabe was shot and fatally wounded by a plastic bullet.  The RUC denied any knowledge or any involvement in her killing, and were subsequently found to be lying when evidence in the form of a video recording was shown at the inquest into her death. 

It was also stated that the person who fired the fatal shot could not be identified.  A fact later found to be untrue.

In other words members of the RUC, including a chief inspector, James Crutchley, colluded in an attempt to hide the truth.

The inquiry into the death of Rosemary Nelson found that despite denials at the time harassment did take place and had "the subsequent effect of legitimizing her as a target in the eyes of Loyalist terrorists.”

In the case of my wife Norah and that of Rosemary Nelson, the RUC were seen to be less than truthful in giving evidence.  Whether it be under oath or in enquiries, they have demonstrated that their evidence should not be relied upon.

Jim McCabe
Belfast, Northern Ireland