Roy Keane has fired a new broadside at former manager Alex Ferguson in a television documentary.

The Ireland coach has claimed Fergie is still trying to call the shots at Manchester United despite retiring last summer.

Keane, now number two Irish boss Martin O’Neill, made the remarks in a television documentary on his battles with former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira.

Keane said of Ferguson, now a director at United, “Everything is about control and power. He’s still striving for it now even though he’s not manager. There’s massive ego involved in that.”

Admitting his relationship with Ferguson is now “non existent,” Keane even takes issue with Ferguson praising him in his recently released autobiography for “covering every blade of grass” in the 1999 Champions League semifinal second leg against Juventus.

Keane added, “Stuff like that almost insults me. I get offended when people give quotes like that about me. It’s like praising the postman for delivering letters.”

Corkman Keane also admits he cried in his car when his United career came to an abrupt end after a stormy interview with the club’s in-house television station when he criticized his teammates.

He said, “Of course I was upset. I did shed a few tears in my car for about two minutes. But I also told myself I had to get on with my life.

“I walked out with nothing, I had no club lined up and I was injured. I told David Gill I had been injured playing for Man United.

“I could have played for Manchester United easily for another couple of years.”

Keane also reveals his belief that the dispute between Ferguson and then club director John Magnier over the stud rights to star racehorse Rock of Gibraltar had to have had a “negative effect” on the club.

Now a season ticket holder at the club, he said, “I managed the dressing room; that was my job. If people didn’t think the Rock of Gibraltar row had a negative effect on the club then they are in cuckoo land.”