Ireland captain Robbie Keane has revealed that MLS star Mike Magee is qualified to join him in Martin O’Neill’s Republic squad.

The former LA Galaxy striker has told Keane of his Irish background and is willing to pursue the link even though he has played for the U.S. at under-17 and under-20 level.

Now 29 and signed to the Chicago Fire, Magee has also been linked with a call-up to Jurgen Klinsmann’s American squad ahead of the World Cup finals.

Keane said, “His whole family is Irish. His grandfather or father. I’d say he would play for us. He definitely would like to but he’s probably waiting for that American call-up. He’s not an international. How he hasn’t got it I don’t know.

“If Martin O’Neill asked me about him, I certainly would tell him about him but I’m sure Roy Keane and people like that would be fully aware of all the players available to them.”

New York Red Bulls keeper Ryan Meara and midfielder Shane O’Neill of Colorado Rapids are also qualified for Ireland.

Keane laughed, “Every f***** day I get asked. They all think they’re Irish over there but I don’t go around asking ‘Are you Irish, do you want a game?’”

Keane sat out last week’s scoreless draw in Poland, the second game of the Martin O’Neill era, and admitted it will hurt to watch the World Cup finals from the couch this summer.

But he is adamant that Ireland doesn’t deserve to be in Brazil next June. “We weren’t good enough and don’t deserve to be there,” he said.

“I think when you’re watching the games, that’s when I’ll be wishing I could have been there. But we certainly weren’t good enough.

“I don’t think anything makes up for missing out on major tournaments. Some people won’t ever have a chance to play in a World Cup, I’ve been very lucky that I’ve played in one, but others players won’t have a chance and as the years go you don’t see them creeping up on you.

“Of course now with France 2016, it would be nice to go back there with different circumstances than the last time we were there.

“But I don’t think anything will ever make up for missing the World Cup.”

Keane, set to spend his first Christmas at home in Dublin since he was a teenager as he enjoys the MLS close season, has also backed O’Neill’s plans to ban the Irish players from social media sites like Twitter when they report for international duty.

The Dubliner added, “If you start tweeting about something to do with the game, from the manager’s point of view I imagine it must be frustrating.

“I think it should be a 10 day ban to be honest, as soon as you walk in that door you shouldn’t be tweeting. I can’t understand it.  My missus is on [Twitter] but telling everybody what we’re doing, I just don’t get it.

“You’re trying to hide and you’re telling people, oh, I’m just having a coffee and then you don’t understand why people turn up. I just think there has to be common sense. It baffles me.”