The Saw Doctors have been on hiatus for a while, much to the chagrin of their fans around the world. But a surprise on-stage reunion between founding members Davy Carton and Leo Moran last week in Tuam has sparked rumors that the band might be getting ready to resume touring.

The two bandmates have been writing songs together, and after a creative session, headed down to the Brogue Bar in Tuam to relax over a pint. One thing led to another, according to the band’s manager Ollie Jennings, and the soon took to the stage and performed a few songs.

Jennings stresses that rumors about the Saw Doctors touring are just that — rumors.

He told the Tuam Herald newspaper that while he’s gotten calls from promoters as far away as California, there are no dates scheduled for 2015.

“It’s good news that they’re writing again, and you never know,” he said. “But it’s still early days.”

In the meantime, Leo and Anto Thisthethwaite continue touring as a duo. They’re heading east this week for gigs in Russia. Let’s hope they bring their woolies!