He didn’t fare so well as a replacement for Larry King on CNN, but Brit Piers Morgan has, we think, returned to the U.K. and is still doing the rounds wherever he gets a chance.

Last Friday Morgan was in Dublin touting his Irishness to host Ryan Tubridy on the long, long running Late Late Show. Morgan was a popular guest – so the social media reviews say – and he took the opportunity to bond with the Emerald Isle.

"I’m Irish. Let’s get this on the table right away. My father was from Galway and the family moved to Banagher in Offaly. I am one of you. I do feel that the Irish spirit burns inside,” he affirmed.

The sprit, or something, continued to burn after the show too, as Morgan and Tubridy hit the pubs for some good Guinness.

“Off into the nightlife of Dublin. I fully intend to crack the craic,” Morgan tweeted as he and Tubs, as Ryan is known, began their post-show hooley.

They both survived, you’ll be happy to know.